May 25th - June 3rd

Casimir Pulaski & Paideia School 15
"Every Child is an artist"



Welcome to “Every Child Is An Artist,” an exhibition featuring the artwork of students in both Paideia School 15 and Casimir Pulaski School. Inspired by a series of books by Laurence Anholt on the lives and works of famous artists, Jeannine Kocher instructed students to create their own experimental works of art based on masterpieces like Edgar Degas’ Little Dancer and Claude Monet’s Poppy Field.

Art Educator Jeannine Kocher appreciates the opportunity to showcase the hardwork and effort of her students’ artwork at the beautiful gallery space at One River, where some of her students already attend class. Ms. Kocher has been teaching art in Yonkers for 26 years, currently splitting her time between two public schools and has been fortunate to work with many talented students and supportive parents, colleagues, and administration throughout the years.

Always encouraging students “to put their heart into their art,” Ms. Kocher hopes that no matter what her students decide to do in the future, they strive to always be “artists” in their own way and to do their best!


Every Child Is An Artist

Opening Reception | June 1st, 3:00-4:30PM

Exhibition on View | May 25th - June 3rd, 2019


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112S. Central Ave, Hartsdale NY 10530

*Near the intersection where Hartsdale Ave. meets Central Ave. One River is in a gray building directly across from the restaurant Banzaii.