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Past Exhibitions


Dominic Terlizzi

October 12 - November 24, 2019

The objects in Terlizzi’s paintings collapse decades of personal experience. A Motorola Razor, purchased while living in NYC around the time he attended Cooper Union, is cast into paint and mosaicked alongside a shoe sole found in the streets of NYC in 2019. Yet, the magic of these works is in their ability to connect with viewers beyond personal narrative, inviting them into a sensory experience that suspends place and time.

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Will Hutnick

February 16 - April 27, 2019

Will Hutnick is interested in flux, play, and impermanence which manifest in boldly colored mixed-media abstractions. The large-scale, collage-like results boast interrelated networks of solid and patterned surfaces that are at once exuberant and controlled. Hutnick’s work recalls puzzles and stencils from his childhood as well as camouflage, graffiti, and topographical maps. At times the work seems archaeological, like fanciful cross-sections of rocks, fossilized trees, or walls of chipped paint revealing wondrous surfaces beneath.

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