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Transforming Art Education in Hartsdale, NY

One River’s Teen Art programs are built around our unique, project-based curriculum that celebrates the most compelling artists and techniques from today and the last 50 years.  We make learning art fun and produce ambitious artistic outcomes across a wide array of materials, subject matter and complexity.  Students have fun, develop their personal art skills, gain knowledge of art history and make friends.

Flexible Schedule
Classes for all ages offered in the morning, afternoon, and evening with no long term commitment

Inspiring Curriculum

Unique lessons designed around contemporary art & innovative techniques

All Materials Included

Fully immerse yourself in our curriculum using all of the professional artist materials included with your class

State-of-the-Art Facility
State-of-the-art studios, digital suite and all materials, supplies, and software provided

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Explore Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Manga & Portfolio Development. Students of all levels - from beginner to advanced - work one-on-one with instructors in a small group setting with a personalized approach.


The One River Experience

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Art Classes


Sample drawing, painting and sculpture through creative projects that stimulate imagination and help develop important artistic techniques and observational skills in a fun and progressive environment.

Teen Art Shuffle (Grades 9-12)

Advance skills in this course designed for high school students. Engage in art making through creative projects that stimulate imagination and help develop important artistic techniques and observational skills in a fun and progressive environment. Students shuffle projects across drawing, painting, sculpture and mixed media monthly.

focus on drawing

Explore drawing using pencil, charcoal, pastels and ink. Focus on line, tone, light, texture, composition and perspective while perfecting technique.

Focus on Manga

Create Japanese Manga-inspired characters, illustrations, storyboards and sculptures.


Teen Focus on Drawing +

Concentrate on advanced drawing techniques by completing a series of projects in a longer studio practice time. Teens will come close to an authentic college-level studio art experience in one of our plus classes.

Teen Art Shuffle +

Challenge yourself with extensive projects and a longer studio practice time. Complete ambitious artworks in drawing, painting and sculpture while developing formal, technical and conceptual skills.

Digital Classes

Digital art shuffle

Shuffle between drawing, painting and 3D sculpture with our proprietary digital curriculum. Bring fine art and technology together by providing students with the tools, software and inspiration to make art on a virtual canvas.



Learn the technical and conceptual skills they need to realize their photography visions. Students experiment with different approaches to taking photos while building a foundation of skills and mastering the use of their camera, pro lighting and software.

Focus on Design

Focus on Design advances students' skills in design through a practical understanding of the industry. Students sequence through fun and inspirational design based projects that are relevant to today's world.

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